Want more than just a duck club?

At Gin Pond Duck Club, we offer a host of business or personal improvement solutions.  Our goal is to make this a place where people grow when they are ready.  Be it mental, physical or spiritual health, we have a plan for you or your group.

(**Contact us for corporate pricing and corporate motivational packages.)

Physical: Are you physically fit?  We have medical plans for realistic diet and fitness available.

Mental:  We offer group talks on how to combat fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Spiritual:  Improve your spiritual awareness with plans from our counsellors.

Financial:  Financial goal setting classes are available.

Entrepreneurs:  We have talks available on starting "mastermind groups" and angel investing.

Motivation:  Motivate your staff with some of the preeminant psychologists of our time.  We offer Peak Performance Psychology and goal setting classes.

*Extras are instructed by leaders such as Dr. Clay Lowder and Dr. Milt Lowder.