Other Notables: 

The Elliott Millpond is the home of the former mill house that is still intact and once served as the Rimini Fish Camp.

The Elliott Sawmill was used for logging to help pave the way for the flooding of Santee.

Halfway Swamp is the site where a Revoluntionary War ambush took place in 1780 (near the Millpond).  General Francis Marion hid here and ambushed the British troops on their way to Camden, South Carolina.

Old River Road is a historic road located just 1/2 mile from the duck club and houses the Richardson Cemetary which was founded before the Revolutionary War.  This cemetary is the home of several past govenors' grave sites.  The British General Tarleton compelled Govenor Richardson's widow to dig up the body of her husband buried there just six weeks before, all in an effort to catch Francis Marion.